Lars Gotrich

Fuubutsushi has already released three albums in 2021, each part of the ambient-jazz quartet's tetralogy based on the seasons. Matthew Sage, Chris Jusell, Chaz Prymek and Patrick Shiroishi formed the group remotely (across different U.S. states) during the pandemic, editing improvisations into abstract yet accessible pieces of synesthetic nostalgia.

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Dummy, 'Daffodils'

Oct 6, 2021


Your mileage may vary, but pop music should explode on contact.

Ghösh makes irreverent, high-energy, boot-stomping rave music that sounds as if the entirety of the Hackers soundtrack got melted down and poured into a punk-shaped mold. In its 2 minutes and 20 seconds, "Slamafied Buddhafied Funk" turns the dance floor into a mosh pit; it smashes Zachary Fairbrother's blitzed breakbeats against a wall of distortion (guitar and otherwise) and emcee Symphony Spell's exhilarating flow.


Maria Elena Silva's voice floats like a feather swishing this way and that, painting invisible s

Sometimes you come across album artwork so sick and so silly that you have no choice but to smash the play button. Friction's seven-track Conditioned to Chaos features a cigar-chomping, guitar-wielding CN Tower tossing fireballs at a scorched city, a Toronto Raptor cradling (saving?) a streetcar and an anthropomorphized egg falling to its certain death.


Eivind Aarset does everything in his power to make his guitar not sound like an instrument with six strings and a body tethered to earth.


Calling Kadhja Bonet's music any one thing does her kaleidoscopic idiosyncrasies a disservice.

Julie Doiron, right from the jump, captures the shrugging optimism of a blank slate: "There was never a plan / No need to explain / And here I am starting over again." The singer-songwriter's first solo album in nine years, I Thought of You, opens with this top-down road-tripper of an easy rocker – the kind of song heard as the credits roll, our protagonist heading nowhere in particular.