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Friendship, 'St. Bonaventure'

These days, it can feel like an achievement to just make it through the day; arriving at the weekend, a little victory. Vacillating between wanting a diversion and needing to feel present has become a familiar rhythm. Friendship frontman Dan Wriggins lays out this modern way of living in "St. Bonaventure," a languid country tune with slide guitars stretching off into the horizon a long way, like the distance from Monday to Friday. Checking out by learning animal facts from nature show episodes feels like a necessary distraction from the world, but then, just experiencing life in the moment has an urgency underneath, a rush to not let go too much: "Meant to write down / What I was feeling in the moment / Thinking, 'Man, you better get it just like it was / Or else you're gonna forget it,' " Wriggins tells himself. A local cathedral's demolition looms, an unforeseen event missed by phone-assisted musing. Friendship's sweeping alt-country shows us the way of staying afloat through daily life, steady in its discovery and uncertainty.

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Evan Miller is a percussionist, lover of sound, and is probably buying too many cassette tapes online right now. Evan got his start in radio in 2012 at WWSU at Wright State University, where he was studying percussion performance. He followed through with both endeavors and eventually landed a lucrative dual career playing experimental music at home and abroad and volunteering at WYSO. Maintaining a connection to normal music, Evan also plays drums in bands, and fills in for Niki Dakota on Excursions. When not doing something music-related, Evan is most likely listening to podcasts or watching food videos at home with his cat.