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Nominees for the 64th annual Grammy Awards were announced on Tuesday.

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The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice has inspired operas from the beginning of the art form, more than 400 years ago. Tonight, the Metropolitan Opera in New York City plays host to a new iteration: Eurydice, based on a 2003 play by Sarah Ruhl. The music is by Matthew Aucoin, who also has a new book about opera being published next month.

Talking With Ghosts

Nov 22, 2021

Tony Allen was the last musician to arrive at Midilive Studios, in the Parisian suburb of Villetaneuse, early on the evening of Nov. 13, 2019. He strolled past his playing partners for the night, Joan Wasser and Dave Okumu, and headed directly for a drum kit already set up to his specs by the engineers; the man Brian Eno once called "the world's greatest drummer" was not a stranger to the space. Allen put on headphones and immediately played one of his signature drum fills, the kind that effortlessly evokes both an accidental stumble and a brilliant equation.

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December marks the 5th birthday for AirPods, the first truly wireless earbuds that led us to where we are now — with headphone jacks having vanished from pretty much every smartphone in the land.

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Spotify has removed a play button that automatically shuffled songs regardless of an album's track list, and it's all thanks to Adele.

The singer-songwriter tweeted on Saturday that she had requested the change for the release of her fourth studio album, 30, which arrived on streaming services on Friday.

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Genius loves company, especially the weird, wired sort of genius embodied by Tierra Whack.