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HOWARD GOTFRYD: Sometimes I have this general sense of numbness because the concept of this is just so overwhelming. And, you know, in all my years, I've never really experienced anything quite like these times.


What happens when you go back to a place you thought was your home, only to find it profoundly different? That's the subject explored in Puerto Rican indie pop duo Buscabulla's debut album, Regresa, out on May 8.

Anti-Anxiety Playlist: Santana

May 2, 2020

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In our new series on the art of sampling, hip-hop producers demonstrate how they find inspiration in classics, hidden gems, found sounds and other raw musical materials to create new hits. For each of the five videos in the series, NPR Music has asked a writer we love to do something similar. Their only instruction was to watch one of the videos, pick an element that inspired them, and spin it off in a new direction — to sample it.

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Sonic reinvention is Salaam Remi's secret weapon. He's given artists their signature sound and remixed careers. He made the Fugees go ooh-la-la and turned Ini Kamoze into a hotstepper. When it comes to pulling magic out of songwriters, he's a master collaborator and his sample-based productions for two icons, Nas and Amy Winehouse, are sound proof.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, one of this country's greatest musical gatherings, would have celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. But instead the stages at Jazz Fest, as it is more commonly known, will be empty for the first time since 1970 after the organizers were forced to cancel due to the coronavirus pandemic. But there is still music coming from New Orleans.

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With so many of the world's social rhythms disrupted, it can be reassuring when at least something is predictable, and nothing has more consistently accompanied the coming of summer in recent pop music history than new music from Drake. Right on cue, the Toronto singer, rapper and meme generator released a 14-song mixtape, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, at midnight this morning, alongside an Instagram post promising his sixth studio album later this summer. Listen below.

Steve Earle knows how to tell a story. Talking to him is a whirlwind of names and places, moments that changed him, songs that moved him, lots of laughs, sharp observations and little bits of wisdom. He's someone who knows the value of storytelling as a way to find our shared humanity.