"Games Of The Week"

  • Hosted by Charles Edmond,Dr.Dave Crosby,Emanuel Barnes,Cedric Tillman
  • Local Host J.Myles,Wendell Harried
  • Local Anchor Gemario Chavez Brooks

WPRL 91.7 FM brings you  "Games of the Week" for ASU,Jefferson Co. and Port Gibson High Schools.Catch all the action on WPRL 91.7 FM,on the web at www.wprl.org and tune in radio.Your play by play announcer are Charles Edmond,Dr.Dave Crosby,Emanuel Barnes and Cedric Tillman sidelines (ASU Football). High school announcers are Jerome J.Myles,Wendell Harried aka Bones and Gemario Brooks producer.

Note: All high school games start at 7 PM for ASU games check the schedule for starting times.