New Music Friday For Jan. 25: The 6 Albums You Should Hear Now

Jan 25, 2019

On this week's program, host Robin Hilton is joined by NPR Music's Rodney Carmichael, Sidney Maden and Stephen Thompson to talk about the must-hear albums out on Jan. 25. This includes hard-driving riff rock with a healthy sense of humor from FIDLAR and Mike Krol, the Compton rapper Boogie, woozy synth-pop from The Dandy Warhols, the shape-shifting sounds of New Orleans singer DAWN and more.

Featured Albums:

  1. FIDLAR: Almost Free
    Featured Song: "Can't You See"
  2. Mike Krol: Power Chords
    Featured Song: "Nothing To Yell About"
  3. Boogie: Everything's For Sale
    Featured Song: "Skydive"
  4. The Dandy Warhols: Why You So Crazy?
    Featured Song: "Terraform"
  5. Rat Boy: Internationally Unknown
    Featured Songs: "Don't Hesitate," "Chip On My Shoulder," "Follow Your Heart," and "Dad's Crashed Car"
  6. DAWN: New Breed
    Featured Song: "We, Diamonds"

Other Notable Releases For Jan. 25: Backstreet Boys: DNA; Better Oblivion Community Center: S/T; Bring Me The Horizon: AMO; Rosie Carny: Bare; Toy: Happy In The Hollow; Vangelis: Nocturne; William Tyler: Goes West

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