How Sweet Crude Celebrated Its Album Release After Recovering From COVID-19

Jun 24, 2020

Sweet Crude, a six-piece band from New Orleans, combines English and Louisiana French, a dialect that has evolved over hundreds of years, mostly in southern Louisiana. The band's percussive sound is the result of classical training and youthful enthusiasm.

The group was on the road when the pandemic hit the United States. Soon after Sweet Crude cut its tour short and headed home, its primary singers, Sam Craft and Alexis Marceaux, got sick from the coronavirus.

In this session, World Cafe New Orleans correspondent Gwen Thompkins talks to Sam and Alexis, who describe their very different experiences with COVID-19. And you'll hear the uniquely New Orleanian story of how the band celebrated the release of its new album, Officiel//Artificiel, after Sam and Alexis recovered. It all begins with a live recording of the track "Cogo."

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