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PUP stays honest and true to their roots in 'The Unraveling of PupTheBand'

Vanessa Heins
Courtesy of the artist

As long as punk bands have existed, there has existed, alongside, a quandary: How do you deal with success without betraying your values, without changing who you are? Canadian band PUP formed over a decade ago, and that name — PUP — is an acronym, courtesy of one of the band member's grandmother, for Pathetic Use of Potential ... which has proven to be untrue, as they've seen a lot of success over the last decade. Today, you'll hear me talk to frontman Stefan Babcock, whom I've known since back when they started out years ago, practicing in a cramped Toronto basement. We chat about how they've kept themselves honest and true to their roots — partly by spending more time together than ever before while making their latest album, The Unraveling of PupTheBand. Plus, you'll hear them perform live.

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