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Chronophage, 'Black Clouds'

Chronophage's "Black Clouds" may cause listeners to suffer from Instant Replay Syndrome. Symptoms include ecstatic dancing, constant earworm and inability to perform basic motor functions beyond the repeated depression of the play or repeat buttons on your preferred audio playback device. This Austin punk band has a knack for unconventional melody – hooks both off-kilter and out of control, sustained by lo-fi pop allure. But Chronophage checks into a studio for its self-titled third album, upgrading its production and sophisticated songwriting style. "Black Clouds" marries Go-Betweens-indebted jangle with sharply syncopated rhythm guitar a la Johnny Marr, bouncing with a coiffured (but no less reckless) joie de vivre. As the last guitar chord and violin strings ring out, the temptation will be strong to reprise. We are not licensed professionals, but our strong recommendation, as always, is to dance.

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