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The artists who inspired Finneas' debut solo album 'Optimist' may surprise you

Luke Fenstermaker
Courtesy of the artist

When I sat down to talk with Billie Eilish, she said this about her producer, co-writer and brother, Finneas: "When I think about it, it just makes me so grateful — that my literal job, I get to do with my brother, who is also my best friend. It's really cool."

The two have racked up all sorts of critical and commercial success, selling millions of albums and winning several Grammy Awards over the course of their meteoric rise. Now Finneas, who played in bands before teaming up with his sister, has released his full-length debut solo album, Optimist. It's a credit to his production and songwriting skills that this not a Billie Eilish album with different vocals. It's an introspective, direct album with heartfelt lyrics and, of course, impeccable production.

In this session, we talk to Finneas about making the transition to being a solo artist and why he'd time travel to the 1990s if he could. Plus, he'll share performances from when he recorded this interview from the road late in 2021.

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