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Sierra Ferrell seems to have always known where she was headed

Sierra Ferrell is a what you might call a free spirit — someone who follows her dreams wherever they take her; like when she joined a troupe of wandering musicians in her 20s. On the other hand, Ferrell seems to have always known where she was going.

She started performing when she was just 7 years old. Now, she lives in the musical epicenter of Nashville, getting high praise for her vocal talent and songwriting skills — and if the title of her second album is any indication, that's what she somehow knew she'd one day be doing. It's called Long Time Coming.

In this session, Sierra Ferrell sits down to talk about her life and adventures so far, along with live recordings of her performances from last years XPoNential Music Festival.

Hear the session and her complete festival performance in the audio and video players above.

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