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The Marcus King Band On World Cafe

The first thing I remarked after finishing my conversation with Marcus King: "This guy doesn't act or sound like a 22-year-old at all." He's incredibly perceptive, and thoughtful, and the music he's making sounds like it's coming from someone who's been working at it for decades. But I mean, he's been playing guitar for audiences since he was 11. I should have seen this coming.

Marcus King is one of the best guitarists in America. His chops are well in order, sharing the stage with legends like Derrick Trucks and Warren Haynes, the latter produced Marcus' debut album. Part of the reason King was on stage at such a young age was thanks to his dad, Marvin King, who's also a talented guitarist. Marcus talks about playing with his father, as well as his new album, Carolina Confessions, a deeply personal record exploring leaving the Carolinas and finding his place while still caring very much for his home.

Let's get started with one of those confessionals, "Side Door." Hear the complete session in the audio player.

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